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The setup

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Geri is back and that means yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays. I am going to join her and see how it goes. Simon is doing some inquiries about joining the local sports club and is going to learn to play golf.

Simon will work from home NAWEC permitting. NAWEC is the water & electricity supplier, Geri says it stands for Not Always Water & Electricity Company. So Simon will work when there is electricity, the office is still being set up and I am spending most of my time by the pool reading. There is a small library of books at the hotel and more at G & M’s so I am sunning myself and reading to my hearts content.

Still waiting to hear back from the MRC.

Went to church on Sunday, service started at 9am, they forgot to mention that is was a 4 hour service and that one should have breakfast before coming or else be famished by 12:30 when you get to leave. Some of it was good, some bad but I don’t think we will go again. So we keep looking.

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