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No rest employment awaits

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Monday morning starts with me being told off by Abbey for doing her work. She feels that she is paid to do the housekeeping and therefore I should let her do her job. So very firmly but nicely she told me to stop washing the dishes and clothes and informed me that she will be tidying the room and making the bed.

Simon is starting to meet people and get a feel for the work they have in mind for him. Things are moving but at the Gambian rate, no one is in a rush here. As for me, well remember the girl I met on Friday, well turns out she is working for the Medical Research Council doing a research project and she needs a nurse, just so happens I need a job.

So now I am racking my brains trying to remember what is on my CV. That gets handed in and now we wait and see. Soon we both might be employed. Most of the week spent orientating ourselves and reading by the poolside. The good thing about this hotel is that a lot of people stay here for long periods while doing research or voluntary work, so we are meeting lots of interesting people who are around for a while.

Geri is back from London and it is good to see her again.

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