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Smallest country longest time

Last updated on February 5, 2020

We arrive back in The Gambia on Monday after our delay in Senegal. First we go to Bird Safari to see how Conrad and Louise are doing and to update them to our situation. It is good to see all the guys and gals that work there and they are pleased to see us too.

Conrad and Louise are doing well, building shelves, planting a vegetable garden and sorting out the refuse problem. There will also be a few extra trees thanks to them. We spend some time with them and then have to move onto Banjul where Simon’s job is waiting. We arrive at Safari Garden Hotel in Fajara on the Thursday and meet up with Maurice, Gerri is still in England. So Jenny gets parked in the drive and we move into our new place that will be home for the next 3 months.

We have our own bedroom, sitting area and bathroom and our own access to the kitchen which we will share with Gerri and Maurice. This will not be a problem as G & M eat across the road at Safari Garden and only use the kitchen to bake cakes. We also meet Abbey who it the housekeeper and her son Alfusainey, they live on the property. Abbey is great, friendly and smart, we get on just fine. Omar is the gardener and keeps it beautifully.

We settle in, unpack the essential out of Jenny and spend the weekend by the pool. Friday we go watch some tennis by friends of Maurice, I recognise one of the girls there and she recognises me, turns out she is a gynaecologist that worked with me at St Mary’s in London.

As for Jenny, well she is functional but will need some work before we do a long stretch with her again.

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