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Watching time go by

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Monday finds Simon going to Bansang asthe hunt goes on, he phone to say he may have to go all the way to Banjul and so I settle is for a long wait. Fortunately there is world cup football to watch, otherwise there would be nothing, Senegalise television leaves something to be desired. I have met some Americans who are doing peace corps and so have some conversation other than ordering my food in broken French.
Simon finds the parts he needs in Bansang complimentary of some scientific research institute. He then goes to Georgetown to see Conrad and Louise. They are staying in Bird Safari for the rains and so he get watered, fed and some good company. Conrad kindly drops Simon back at Bansang the following day so that he can head home. Thank you Conrad and Louise.

Tuesday morning and I am not expecting Simon until the end of the week, he has not been able to contact me to say that he is coming back. So off I go to tell the mechanic that Simon will only be returning later in the week. On the way back to the campement I see a familiar figure walking down the road in a t-shirt I do not recognise. Hail the returning hero as he brandishes the spare parts (the shirt is a new addition as he forgot to take a spare). Now we wait, the mechanic has gone to Dakar and will be back on the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday come and go and I see little of Simon. There is a big effort on everybody’s part to get the car ready. We hope to leave on Monday. Sunday night ends with Simon driving around checking that all is in working order. Jenny is up and on the move, with the light gone the final adjustments will be done in the morning.

Monday morning and strangely enough we are sorry to go. We bought a goat (20 pounds) to say thank you to the mechanic and all the apprentices for all the hard work they have done. The look on his face on presentation of the goat was one of surprise and confusion; he even got an interpreter to establish if we wanted them to prepare the goat for us. They were very please when we assured them that it was for them only and they could divide it as they saw fit.

So off we go again down a now very familiar road, especially for Simon who had done it 4 times for than me. Imagine the relief when we passed the spot where we broke down.

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