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Heading South

Last updated on February 5, 2020

So finally we get moving again. It´s been lovely hanging around in Geneva and catching up with Sarah but it´s time to hit the road again. Only this time we have a passenger.

Bex has decided to join us for a couple of days as unfortunately Sarah has had to work. So we headed into France decided to stay just outside a small town called Anse. The campsite was one of the best yet and walking distance to the towns only open bar so we decided to stay in the area and stay the following night too.

So what do you do in Beaujolais – taste wine – well the girls get to drink wine but as the days designated driver I only got to taste.

We visited to wineries at the opposite end of the scale. Firstly, a very small vineyard called Domain des Dercheres that still produced Beaujolais the traditional way and then onto a tour of a large wine maker, Caves Ferraud, that buys wine from all the biggest vineyards in the area and produces huge quantities of wine each year. Anyway, tasted much wine and bought a few bottle.

On the more mundane side of things, in the evening I fixed and external aerial for the GPS!

The next day we had a day out in Lyon, did much walking and didn’t see as much as we liked. In the afternoon we put Bex on the train back to Geneva (and apparently she got lost – but that´s another story) and we headed South.

The next day having camped in Valence we headed South again taking a small diversion for something sweet. We went to Montelimat which in the home of Nougat – had a trip to a small Nougat museum and then headed South again ending the day in a city called Avignon on a little island with flood warnings.

Next day drove on as the weather was miserable we didn’t stop but decided to keep heading South and in the end camped just outside Carcassone that is a very pretty walled city where Robin Hood was filmed (the recent one with Kevin Costner). Explored the old town the next day then headed South again.

Stayed Saturday night just outside Spain and since it was so nice we decided to stay for the Sunday as well and spent the day tinkering and sorting out the car. Next week into Spain.

At this rate we may get to Africa by April!

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