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Simes and the art of Land Rover maintenance

Last updated on February 5, 2020

So we’ve been having a few problems.

Actually I don´t quite live up to the bush mechanic lifestyle that I’m embarking on for the next few months…

However, the beard is growing nicely.

Well actually we’ve had a few wins recently. We managed to change and inner tube successfully. Now, the last time I changed an inner tube was on a bicycle and them I struggled. On a big Land Rover wheel it was much harder – but I did have the help of two very large tyre levers (about 20 times the size of the funny small plastic things I used to use on my BMX) – anyway, much struggling later the tyre was off, and even later it was back on again. Of course, I left the pumping up by footpump to Nicole!

We’ve been trying to track down an annoying clunk that we have. Now whilst tracking this down we found that the chassis had obviously deteriorated a little more than we had previously thought. So the search was abandoned instead for someone who could do a little welding (soldadura in spanish). Well, a few days later and she is the proud owner of two nice new bits of steel stuck to her rear end.

And last night I fixed a rattling exhast with a 55mm jubilee clip.

So there you go, not really things of legend but I´m learning and getting better.
Now, just to find the clunk…

BTW, thanks to everyone who helped along the way. I’ll post company names in due course

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