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Mellow week in Geneva

Last updated on February 5, 2020

So it is Monday morning, Simon and I find ourselves in Geneva. We are staying in a friend of Sarah´s flat in the middle of the old town. That is to say where the town originated, full of architecture and history and interesting little shops and cafes. No not your corner tea and full English kind.

We are spending this week in Geneva for two reasons, firstly Jenny is broke and we need to fix her as the Pyrenees Mountain range stands in the way of reaching Spain. So this week we are on the search for a Landy mechanic who won´t charge the earth. Then there is more skiing to be had next weekend and since last time was such fun we decided to do it again.

Wednesday and we find ourselves at the Red Cross Museum, not as boring as you might think. It is well thought out with a lot of audio visual alongside photo´s and paraphernalia. Started by four men it is today a massive organisation and they are involved in everything. Not just wars but natural disasters. We enjoyed the whole thing and would recommend it.

On the way to Geneva last Friday we noticed a town on the lake called Montreux. It is well situated and has a great walkway along the shore line. It was full of people skating, rollerblading, walking prams, strolling or just enjoying the view. The weather has been great today. We visited a chateau called Chillion which is situated on the lake. It had great ceilings and was well thought out. They guide you through in logical order so you get to see everything. The banqueting hall was impressive with a huge fire place, you could just imagine the feasting that went on. The bedrooms have the best view of the lake but the poor souls in the dungeon must have been miserable. It was very cold down there on the sunny day we visited.

We had fondue for lunch, it is a great excuse to eat a big pot of cheese and not feel the slightest bit guilty. So when we next have a proper home, a fondue set will definitly be on the shopping list.

Our free apartment for the week had run out, fortunately another of Sarah´s friends was going home for the next week. So Friday night and we are packing up and moving house. On the way we meet a German chap driving a soft top Landy 110, he tells of a blue Landy parked by the lake with a address for a local mechanic who specialises in Landys. So off we go and lo and behold, one blue Landy by lake with sticker.

Saturday and Simon is off to get Jenny seen to. The chap is far to busy but will take a quick look, which turned into a new radiator and much tinkering by him and a few other interested parties. They may not have spoken the same language but Simon had a great time. So the radiator was the problem, when they took it out it was falling to bits and that is why Jenny was overheating. So those who were worried can relax, she is much better now.

Saturday night Bex arrives (Sarah´s sister) and boy was I jealous, it would have been great if it was my sisters, well there will be time for that later. Sunday skiing and the sun is shining. My new sunglasses are giving me motion sickness and I have to bail out but Simon carries on and does really well. I get to sit in the sun on top of a mountain and watch. Glasses will take some getting used to as they are prescription.

Sunday night and Sarah and I do laundry while the beef is in the oven, by the time we got back Simon had crashed. So us girls had us a nice little dinner with some wine and Simon only found out about it in the morning. Serves him right for letting us do the laundary while he sleeps.

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