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In the mud, muck and cold!

Last updated on February 5, 2020

So Simon and I find ourselves on a snowy morning in Peterborough with no lift to our Land Rover drivers course. It seem the snow got the better of Kevin’s Landy, good thing we are going to the Sahara! Finally we arrive at the pub, what a good place to start a driving course. After a good brief explanation on high & low gear, permanent & semi-permanent drive, we head out to the local quarry. Ed, who has such a cool job, took us round and showed us a few things, boy oh boy

So here is a very steep hill, just drive over it, no the car will not flip backwards! And so over we went, who would believe it! Steep uphill, sharp down hill, deep water, driving up an embankment at a tilt, no problem! Now hopeful we do as well without our trusty guide Ed who taught us loads today but assured us that we will make mistakes, learn continuously and that it is fine. Simon and I have the making mistakes down to a fine art, now just for the learning from them bit.

Ed Cobley is 7-year off-road champion. Pro-Trax can been found at

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