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Recovery period

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Friday and I did not move, fortunately I brought many painkillers with me and I made good use of them. Lech and Aga (polish couple) moved to the campsite and that night took us out for dinner. We had pizza and beer and good company.

Saturday we were sitting on the beach when 4 cars drove by that looked very familiar, the rest of the convoy that we had crossed the morocco border with arriving two days after us. We would catch up with them much later.

Aga was standing in the surf when she felt something by her legs, reaching down she came up with a fish. So we bought some more from the market, Simon read up on gutting a fish and there you have the makings of a fish braai.

On Sunday we left the campsite and headed for Senegal, we had heard of a place called the Zebrabar and everyone raving about it. It was also the place we had agreed to meet up with Conrad and Louise and Chris and Tanya. It was a hot dry day and we reached the border at 5pm, the place is called Rosso and has a reputation for not being friendly. Boy is that an understatement! They were so aggressive and blatantly corrupt that even though we had been signed out by immigration we took our passports back and left. This crossing was a ferry crossing and the last one left at 6pm so they tried to use this to get us to pay money as they assumed we would so as not to miss the ferry. They underestimated Simon who simply said we would return in the morning and then we simply drove to the other border crossing which is a bridge crossing. It took two hours to get there, it was dark and the border guards were none to happy with our arriving during their dinner time but it was no where near as bad as Rosso.

11:30pm and we arrive in St Louis Senegal, finding the Zebrabar dark and seemingly deserted, so no ice cold beer and late night parties then.

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