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Free Azure Training with A Cloud Guru

A Cloud Guru have made twenty-seven of their courses free for the month of April.

Below are what I consider the highlights.

Introduction to Azure Security
Improve Azure security and discover best practices for protecting your Azure cloud workloads. Learn important concepts and security features in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Concepts
Get up to speed on the basics of Azure and cloud services in this Azure concepts crash course.

Introduction to Networking on Azure
Explore the Azure networking services that enable secure and reliable access to your services and applications hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Identity and Access Management for Azure
Get a five-hour dive into Azure’s Identity and Access Management offering for cloud engineers and architects. 

PowerShell Core for Linux Admins
This intermediate-level course teaches the concepts of using PowerShell Core with Linux, covering everything from installing PowerShell on Linux (including Visual Studio Code) to learning how to use cmdlets and variables and more advanced components of PowerShell Core, like strings, arrays, hash tables, and logic flow. 

Networking Foundations
This to-the-point, novice-level course will walk you through foundational networking concepts without presuming any prior knowledge. 

Using Terraform to Manage Applications and Infrastructure
Learn how to use Terraform to easily deploy applications, infrastructure, and Kubernetes clusters.

You can find the full list of free training and details about how to sign up for a free account here:

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