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Setting up and flashing my TyTN

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Despite the wobble the TyTN seems great so far. The most difficult thing has been to get it to synchronise with my laptop.

HP NX6125
Vista Ultimate
Office 2007

Vista no longer uses ActiveSync but now has something called Windows Mobile Device Centre. As much as I tried I could get my TyTN to connect but not to sync.

Having searched around for a solution, I found a firmware upgrade on the Leaf website and despite being very cautious of the possibility of killing my new phone I decided to go ahead.

My TyTN came with ROM version and this upgrade was to (AKU3).

The only confusing matter was that there were a number of files and no instructions – I finally worked out that the correct exe was called RUU_Inside.exe which puts the TyTN into BootLoader mode and carries out the upgrade.

I did this connected to an XP machine – I’m not sure if it would work with Vista but I wasn’t going to try. However, despite having a newly flashed TyTN it still wouldn’t sync.

Much more searching I found that Windows Update was offering me an update to WMDC and following a failed update I resorted to removing WMDC completely, downloading the latest version from the Microsoft site and reinstalling. This seemed to do the trick – and may well have worked without the flash upgrade. Certianly if I was in the same position again – that’s what I would try first.

So, after 24hrs of having my TyTN I finally have it sync’d with my calendar and address book, and can get back to something more productive.

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