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My bookmarks in Firefox

I’ve been storing my bookmarks in for some time now. is a social bookmarking site, now owned by Yahoo, that allows you to store, tag and share your bookmarks.

Up to now I have found it a pain that I couldn’t easily access my bookmarks directly within Firefox.

A few days ago I installed the new bookmarks extension for firefox and have been very impressed with the integration. The extension completely replaces that bookmarking functions of Firefox and allow quick and easy access to your bookmarks.

When I bookmark something in Firefox it now updates the website and visa versa so now I have everything in one place.

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  1. I’ fairly new to Firefox and I’m loving it! I did try the integrated delicious bookmark extension and spent a frustrated afternoon trying to figure out how it could be as handy as my usual select-point-click routine. I uninstalled it and now I just have the delicious buttons on the toolbar.

    I guess that I didn’t quite work out how to do the point and click thing with delicious. Meanwhile, I’m happy using Firefox for the regular things I want to access many times a day and using delicious as a ‘reference collection’– handy for infrequent things and for tag searching. It has been good to have all my old bookmarks seeded in delicious — I can spend hours adding tags, deleting, filing… polishing, polishing.

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