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Multiple versions of IE

For a long time I was running multiple versions of Internet Explorer under Windows XP. These standalone versions I would get from

The only frustrating thing with these browsers was that conditional comments didn’t work and although there is a great article called Taming Your Multiple IE Standalones on Position is Everything I’m lazy. Since upgrading my everyday computer to Windows Vista I have been using Virtual PC with Windows XP for testing on IE6.

This morning I came across TredoSoft’s Multiple IE package. This package looked exactly what I needed – a neat installer for IE3-6 which has all the various fixes included.

Unfortuntely, it would seem so far that none of these older browsers will work under Vista so I’m stuck with Windows XP under Virtual PC for now but at least this gives me a very flexible and easy to install test-bed for my websites.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a way to install multiple versons of IE on vista and no luck so far? anyone have any ideas?


  2. I haven’t found another way yet – still using Virtual PC.

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