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Installing Movable Type on Windows XP

I’ve been seeing Movable Type everywhere recently so I decided to take another look.

I had previously looked into it, but at the time I discounted it as it was Perl based and I really didn’t have any experience with Perl. What I was really looking for was a PHP based tool.

Well, this time I decided to get my hands dirty and try installing it on my laptop. Why? Well, out here in the sticks I don’t have a full time internet connection (ADSL or ISDN are yet to make it to Igoda) so I run everything locally for development purposes and then upload to the live server when ready. Using my laptop as a development server makes things very easy if I need to work elsewhere or demo something at a clients office.

At present I run FoxServ (Apache, PHP, Perl) on the laptop so I assumed it shouldn’t be too difficult to get running. However, I found that FoxServ doesn’t seem to have DBD::mysql included and PPM (Perl Package Manager) didn’t appear to be installed/working.

After a bit of hunting around I downloaded ActivePerl and reinstalled Perl on my machine. I then used PPM to install DB::DBI and DBD::mysql and from there it was easy.

And the outcome. At the time of writing I am just exploring how to design templates, and at somepoint I will need to install on my live server and transfer the content of my local site live.

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