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Implementing Just-in-time VM Access in VM page

Last updated on February 9, 2020

Following on from A Quick Look at Azure Just-in-Time Virtual Machine Access and subsequently looking at Implementing Just-in-time in Azure Security Center, I promised to look at implementing JIT directly from the VM page

Remember that JIT is only available with Security Center Standard Tier. You can compare the Free Tier and Standard Tier on the Security Center pricing page.

Configure JIT access from an Azure VM page

Configuring JIT from within a VM is as simple as clicking connect…

If JIT is not already configured then a suggestion will appear in the Connect to virtual machine blade as seen above. Clicking the suggestion leads you to the Configuration pane of the VM where there is an option to enable JIT.

Clicking ‘Enable just-in-time’ will set up JIT with standard-setting in the Azure Security Center.

Request JIT access to a VM via the VM page

When you attempt to a VM from within the Azure Portal and the VM is protected by JIT, you can request access from within the ‘Connect to virtual machine’ blade

If you have the appropriate permissions you will be able to download the RDP file and connect.

This post is part of my Learning out Loud series. You can read more about Learning out Loud and how it came about here:

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