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Dash for the border

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Bart and Wendy had taken the kids to the beach so after a morning of feeling very ill it was time to get up and do some work. First the handbrake needs some tightening and then to fix the anti-roll bar that seems to have broken.

Well, after much fiddling the diagnosis is that it can’t be fixed and much come of, which after much struggling is what we did.

The next day we headed into town for some lunch and on the search for some new sand ladders. Found an old piece of WWII sand ladder and then found someone to chop in half and there we go. (I will add review of sand mats we took with at some point.)

We got to Form-Zguid the following afternoon so that we can do the piste road from there to Mhamid. Tea and chat with the guards at various checkpoints found some fossils and then camped in the middle of nowhere.

Made it to Mhamid the next day for lunch but lost Bart and Wendy – first rule of driving in a group – make sure you keep each other in sight. Spent some time looking in the desert and retracing steps but to no avail. Anyway, they emerged about 10k north of Mhamid and can down to town.

So a good trip without getting stuck so our driving seems to be getting better but we did pop a shock absorber! Which at the end of a long couple of days we replaced with a second-hand Land Rover one that we found in Zagora that evening.

So Friday morning we say goodbye to Bart, Wendy and the kids and drove for the border and Nicole‚Äôs visa expires on Monday and we need to get to Dakhla by Saturday night so that organise things to leave on Monday. Oh well, it’s only about 1800k away…

We spend Sunday looking for someone to travel across the minefield with.

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