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Allowing Transcription of Recorded Teams Meetings

Transcriptions on recorded Teams meeting is a fantastically useful feature but it needs to be turned on and configured.

When this feature is used and a recording is played back, one can search for particular words used in the meeting. This is really useful when you want to find that specific point in a meeting when you gave your brilliant idea rather than having to listen to and jump through the recording.

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Transcriptions need to be turned on by the user recording the meeting, once the feature is enabled. Once enabled, when a user records a Teams meetings, they can confirm if a transcript should automatically be generated.

To enable this you can set it in a Teams meeting policy. Navigate to and select the appropriate policy – in a lot of cases, this will be the Global (Org-wide default) policy.

Click ‘Edit’ and turn on Allow transcription:

Of course, there are other ways to configure this such as PowerShell or your organisation may have multiple different policies. For more technical information you can refer to

Don’t forget to inform and educate your users on how to turn on the transcription for a video as well as how to use in during playback. This feature doesn’t appear to be mentioned in the Teams support document –

This post is part of my Learning out Loud series. You can read more about Learning out Loud and how it came about here:

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