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  • What is Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)?
    Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (previously Microsoft Cloud App Security) is a CASB that supports various deployment modes and provides rich visibility, control, and analytics to combat cyberthreats across all Microsoft and third-party cloud services.
  • Transparency, Trust and the Power of Whims
    I joined a ‘paid-for’ community last week – somewhat on a whim – as many of us purchase things every day either online or in a retail outlet. We are bombarded everyday with offers of … Read more
  • Raindrop.io all-in-one bookmark manager
    Raindrop.io — All-in-one bookmark manager is a bookmark manager that has been my bookmark manager for a couple of years now. I have a number of different profiles across different browsers (mostly, almost exclusively, Edge) … Read more
  • InBox Zero with Plus Addressing in Microsoft 365
    Plus Addressing, also known as sub addressing or tag addressing, is a feature in Exchange Online (Microsoft 365) that allows you to create custom email addresses based on your standard email address by adding a … Read more
  • Free Data Ingestion into Microsoft Sentinel Explained
    When planning the deployment of Microsoft Sentinel, it is important to understand how much data is likely to be ingested and the cost of that ingestion. The good news is that there are quite a … Read more
  • Simplified pricing for Microsoft Sentinel
    Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft’s SIEM/SOAR solution, uses an Azure Log Analytics Workspace as it’s backend and as such previously the pricing of sentinel was split between the Log Analytics Workspace and the Sentinel Service. This month … Read more
  • Introducing Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access
    As well as some name changes, at the Microsoft Entra event on Tuesday (11 July 2023), Microsoft announced Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access, which combined are termed as Global Secure Access … Read more
  • Azure AD becomes Microsoft Entra ID
    Another day and another round of Microsoft product name changes – this time Azure AD and related products are being aligned with the Microsoft Entra product family name. The Microsoft Entra product family was announced … Read more
  • Split Screen Browsing in Edge
    So often I arrange two browser windows side-by-side when working with multiple websites (as always). But no more! I just found that in Microsoft Edge one can split the browser window.
  • The More Cybersecurity Changes, the More it Stays the Same
    Visiting London for the first time in over twenty years I reflect on the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape and the need to not lose track of the security fundamentals that should underpin all security practices.